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Monthly Statistics Explained

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

If you choose West Dorset Web Design to develop your online presence, you will receive monthly statistics on how your site is performing and how it is being used by visitors. This helps you understand what your potential customers are most interested in and helps us adjust your website accordingly.

How many visitors?

We track how many people are visiting your website in a month. The first section "visitors" is the total amount of people that have loaded your web page. The second section is "unique visitors" which excludes people that have visited more than 1 time in the space of a month. From the figures below we can see that 35 people out of 156 have returned to look at the site at least once more.

What have they looked at?

These figures show what has been looked at by people visiting your site. We can see here that 1000 pages in total have been viewed as well as figures specific to each page. The page "rooms" have been visited the most with 320 visits and "contact" has been visited 52 times. As these figures are for a hotel, This shows us that roughly 17% of people are enquiring to book after looking at rooms.

Where in the world?

This map shows where people are when they have assessed your website and even tells your the amount of people by country. This website for example has had 187 views from the UK, 2 from the US, 2 from New Zealand, 2 from France and 1 from Norway. These figures will help you manage the content in your website, for example, if you have lots of visitors from France, you may wish to add a French translation to your site.

Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the amount of people that leave your website without interacting with it. A bounce can be triggered by a visitor closing their browser, returning to search results, staying inactive or reading entirety of the page and then leaving. Expected bounce rates depend on the type of website. See this websites bounce rate below next to an info-graphic explaining expecting bounce rates by industry.

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Lead Designer

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