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Designing an effective logo

Whether you are are designing a logo yourself or asking us to design one for you, we've laid out some helpful tips on what to look for when creating your brand.

When it comes to designing a logo, you need to think about what you want to convey to your customers. A good logo should inspire trust in your brand, it should be instantly recognisable and specific to your business.


Consider the logos and companies that come to mind and why they do so. Perhaps it is from a product that you use regularly or perhaps its the striking design that has left an impression. Think about how the logo has been designed, how its changed since the companies formation and what these logos have in common. Most of these logos will be fairly simple but an instantly recognisable brand.

If you consider the above, they all have simple colour schemes, can be easy vectored and are instantly recognisable.

Next you will want to research competing businesses and determine the design elements that they have used. You do not want your logo to be similar so avoid using similar colour schemes or fonts. If you look at supermarkets, they all have different colour schemes. Sainsburys uses orange, Asda uses green and Morrisons uses yellow. These colour schemes are repeated throughout all media and is part of their corporate branding. Your research should continue through out the design process. Try showing your logo, without the text, to potential customers and ask what type of business they think it would represent. If they get it right, you're onto a winner.

Put Pen To Paper

Start with simple sketches on pen and paper. There's no need to jump straight on the computer and many people do this way too early. Many people will spend a lot of time creating one digital design and then cant let it go, even if its a bad design, simply because they spent so much time on it. Avoid this by creating rough sketches on pen and paper. Play around with shapes, styles and colour until you have 5 rough designs that you are happy with. Now you can start re-designing digitally with the correct mind set and a few solid designs to work with. Make sure you consider the points below when you start the designs.

  • How versatile? Is the image simple enough to be vectored? Will the logo work on websites, letterheads, vehicles and all other marketing materials?

  • Does it give off the right impression? Will your logo inspire trust in your brand? Does it represent your business? Will it look professional?

  • Is it unique to your business? A new logo should look unfamiliar yet relatable. You don't want customers confusing you with someone else, however, they should be able to recognise what you do with ease.

Adaptable & Timeless

A good logo can be adapted as the company develops and trends change. Think about what the consistent elements of your logo are and what elements are open to change. Apple has has the same basic logo since 1977 and have only changed the colour scheme. You can see what they felt was important to customers as time passed with vibrancy in 1977 and the modern, minimalist designs of the 2000s.


Perhaps the most important aspect of logo design is choosing the font. There are so many elements to consider and its worth taking your time over. Consider the fonts below for a start up company "LUNA Metals", a sheet metal supplier in the UK. Many of the fonts below are simply not suitable as they are incomprehensible at a glance. Others perhaps simply do not represent a sheet metal company.

The bold and strong fonts that work for sheet metal probably wont work for a wedding organiser. Think about where your logo will be displayed. If you are having vehicles branded with your logo, ensure potential customers will be able to read your logo from a distance. If you are displaying on large banners, ensure the font and logo are vectored.

We recommend a website called 1001 free fonts. They allow you to input and see your companies name in thousands of different fonts, pick a few out and try them with your logo.

Jack Hill

Lead Designer

West Dorset Web Design

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